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Product & Materials - I&S Joinery


The High Quality Materials & Products We Use

When building your kitchen interior, fixtures, vanities, cabinets and entertainment units we make sure to use only the most suitable products and materials. We use materials that are appropriate to the style you are after and offer the right balance of functionality, durability and aesthetics. So your modern living room, bathroom and kitchen interiors are built to a stunning and useful standard. We use:

Quality Timber Equals Quality Joinery

Our custom joinery uses high quality timber. Timber has been a staple of the joinery industry for millennia and for good reason. Timber offers advantages over alternative materials such as composite wood, particle board or plastics. This is because timber is resistant to heat, humidity and wear.

Timber is easier to repair when scuffed or dinged than plastic or particle board. Your furniture and fittings will see plenty of use over the years, whether your kids bump their toys into cabinets and scuff them or your guests leave their drinks on wood finishes without a coaster.

Bumps can cause deep gouges in plastic, meaning unsightly dings that are expensive to repair and can even require replacement entirely.

Scuffs and stains can wear through the layers of particle board, loosening the glue that holds the particles together and creating holes that are more expensive to repair than buying new.

A timber surface is much more durable, with much simpler repair processes. This equates to furniture and products that keep their value and look as great in a decade as they do today.

Our Third-Party Products – Supplied Perfection

I&S Joinery are certified to install major brands of engineered stone and “Solid Surface”, including:

When you’re looking for high quality craftsmanship using the right materials for your home interiors, get in touch with I&S Joinery. Call us on (03) 9364 2036 or enquire online, we have the product range and experience required to create beautiful interior solutions for your home.