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Cabinets - I&S Joinery


Melbourne Cabinet Makers – Personalised Storage Solutions

You may think that cabinets are the last thing you need to consider for your home. Quietly tucked away, they are not something you think about very often. However, cabinets are one of the pieces in your home that both affect the way you live for years to come and add real value to your property.

Take a long look at your home and consider all your clothes, cutlery, appliances, electronics, sporting equipment and other belongings. Are these things you want left lying around on the floor, exposed to dust and dirt? Making your home feel dirty and cluttered?

As experienced Melbourne cabinet makers with 27 years of experience under our belts, we offer custom made solutions to your storage needs.

Custom Cabinets Add Real Value

When you are looking for cabinets for your Melbourne home, you may be considering a generic factory made solution. Although these appear to be cheaper, they don’t offer the same benefits as a product made by specialist cabinet makers:

Price probably comes high on your list of requirements and you don’t want to pay through the nose for storage. You’ll be happy to learn that hiring cabinet makers provides much more value for money than a factory made solution. Unlike factory made products, we use high quality materials made to order. Meaning an end product that looks better and lasts longer, preserving its value in the long run.

By measuring your space before cabinet making you won’t have to spend hours browsing catalogues hoping to find the prefabricated answer. You can relax while we do all the work, knowing the result will look great and fit perfectly.

Unique styles can’t be bought off a shelf. We offer more than just colour and material choices, our custom cabinet making means you can come to us with virtually any idea and we’ll be able to make what you need. Whether your home has a traditional kitchen style or a more modern kitchen design, we’ll be able to make beautiful cabinets that are cohesive with the overall style of your home.

Need Storage and cabinetry made to order?

Contact I&S Joinery today on (03) 9364 2036 or enquire online to start a conversation about your unique storage needs.