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Manufacturing - I&S Joinery


Manufacturing Your Living Room, Bathroom or Kitchen Interiors

After design, the next phase in creating your home interior involves seamlessly fabricating all your components and bringing them to life. Our professional and talented team will ensure everything is built and fabricated to a high standard, from custom bathroom vanities to entertainment units to custom kitchen interior cabinets and counter-tops.

At I&S Joinery we operate a dedicated fabrication team. Working from our factory, they use their experience and skill in custom joinery to create the stunning fixtures and fittings that make up your bathroom, living room or kitchen interiors. Our team is skilled in a wide variety of styles, everything from traditional kitchen to modern kitchen design.

Measured to Fit & Built to Last

After settling on a design and signing the contract of agreement we will begin the process of manufacturing all the required components for your interior.

The first phase involves coming back to your premises to double check our initial measurements. We do this because we are committed to precision and results that fit perfectly into your residence. These measurements are used to create an accurate 2D construction (or shop) drawing. This drawing will become the template for all the manufacturing and components required by our machine shop.

We operate a dedicated fabrication team, experienced in all elements of custom joinery. Our attention to detail combined with quality machining tools and design software means we create high quality products that are to budget and completed with a high standard of craftsmanship. These products are made from materials sourced from high quality suppliers, such as premium Australian timber and leading German hardware brands. The result is fixtures and fittings that you can depend on for years to come.

Assembly and Quality Control

Once your components are fabricated, one of our assemblers will be assigned to your project. They will assemble your entire interior in our factory to ensure the fit and the levelling of surfaces and joins. At this stage, one of our experienced staff will perform an inspection to assess the overall quality meets our high standards.

After completing our quality check we will invite you to visit our location and take a look for yourself at your new interior. This is entirely optional, and if you don’t have the time to do this we understand, but it is a great way to provide a final word before finishes or paint are applied and installation begins.

Painting & Finish

If your build requires painting, we will pack your relevant components with instructions and colour scheme to be sent to the painter. This takes a few days, depending on the number of components needing painting. We only use painters with the same eye for detail as us, so you can be sure of a smooth, high quality finish.

Speak with the Custom Joinery Experts

Do you need home interior renovation? Looking for a dedicated and professional team to create you perfect interior, with experience in a range of rooms and styles, from traditional kitchens to custom bathrooms? Contact I&S Joinery on (03) 9364 2036 or enquire online to discuss a solution for your home. We are happy to provide our services, advice and inspiration for your upgrades.