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Installation - I&S Joinery


Melbourne Living Room, Bathroom and Kitchen Installations

Installing your new home interior means more than simply placing your products into your house. It’s a careful process of delivering, assembling and ensuring everything fits seamlessly and that the functional elements of your home are ready to go (cook tops, sinks, wall sockets, etc.).

When performing an installation, especially a custom kitchen installation, it is important that everything is ready to go before we start installation. This means, for a seamless and timely experience, we need a little preparation and assistance from you.

Preparing for Installation

Prior to manufacture we will provide you with a copy of our construction drawings. These will allow you to engage a plumber, electrician and any other necessary trades to ensure that any changes needed to your utilities can be performed correctly and in advance. We suggest working with tradesmen you know and trust, but if you don’t know a quality Melbourne based provider we can make a recommendation.

After organising your utilities it is important that your interior is ready for its makeover. Picking a reputable Melbourne strip-out provider is an important part of the process. If you need advice or recommendations we are happy to point you in the right direction.

Installation – Timing and Process

After manufacturing is complete and quality assured we will give you a call 48 hours prior to our appointed installation date. We will visit your premise and ensure that there have been no issues with the strip-out and installation of utilities. This means we can resolve issues quickly and prevent delays to the installation process.

Once this check is completed we’ll bring your components over and start assembling them onsite. Typically this will take one of three lengths to install, depending on the materials used and the size of the room:

Stone Finishes

Due to the weight, bulk and special requirements of stone finishes, such as stone countertops and tiling, extra care is required from handling, through fabrication and installation.

When we source your stone products we make sure to order oversize. This is a precautionary measure that protects you from typical handling issues like chipping or transit damage, meaning issues like this don’t ruin a whole slab.

Once on site a stone mason will be engaged to ensure the quality, fit and advise on any necessary cutting and joining. The stone will then be cut down to the required size and, depending on the access into your home, may be carefully cut and joined for faster, safer installation.

Get in Touch

Once assembled and installed you will be able to enjoy the beauty of your new home interior. To discover just how easy it is to get your own beautiful Melbourne home makeover, call us today on (03) 9364 2036 or contact us online.